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Kevin Durant On First Seeing 10-Year-Old Stephen Curry : “I Thought He Was White”


NEW YORK — During the NBA 2K Uncensored event yesterday, moderatorErnie Johnson asked the four players in attendence, James Harden, Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis and NBA 2K15 cover athlete, Kevin Durant, whether they could remember the first time they heard about one of the other players on stage. The story Durant told about the first time he met a 10-year-old Stephen Curry had the players and most of those in attendance holding their sides with laughter.

As part of the promotion leading up to the October 7 release of NBA 2K15, Ernie asked Harden, KD, Anthony Davis and Steph about various developments this summer, how often they play video games and what their goals were next season.

Towards the end of the informal question and answer session, Ernie asked the group, “When’s the first time one of these guys got on your radar?”

That’s when Durant started his story about first meeting Stephen Curry:

“I told Steph this,” Durant said. “I was about 10 years old and our AAU team drove down to Charlotte to play. There was this one — I thought he was white — but he was…”

That’s when Steph and most of the assorted media lost it.

“This yellow kid, right” KD continued over the chuckles, “Lets be be real now, right. Where I come from, those are light-skinned guys, and we’re all like me,” he said while gesturing to himself with a smile on his face.

“I step in the gym and all these guys are stepping up from half-court with the jump shot, and I’m like, ‘he’s not making this…’ Splash. When we played him [Steph] he only had like 35 and he was 10 years old, and I was like, ‘Who is this’? Ten years later, it’s like, whoa, that’s Steph Curry.

“It’s crazy how you cross paths with these guys and you’re kids and don’t know. And then once you — it’s like wow, it’s pretty cool to see him at that age.”

It’s not often you see NBA players in a room full of media laughing as hard as Steph and Harden were during Durant’s story.

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